I’m not excited about turning 39 but I am excited about what it has to offer

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I sat alone, outside a coffee shop, stack of books and cold brew at my side and contemplated my last year.

It was a typical setting in an atypical year.

I turned 38 near the beginning of the pandemic last year. And despite working from home, going through the same daily routines, well, a lot has happened.

When people have asked me how I’ve been, my response has basically been the sentiments of, “Surviving, not thriving.”

My work has gone backwards. My spiritual life has grown stagnant. My friendships have been hindered by distancing. I had a relationship end. …

Photo Courtesy of Author

One of the things that makes me the happiest about letting you know of my Poetry Book release is the fact that you were part of it…

So many of you leave the kindest comments and encouragement and those were the things that pushed me towards the completion of this project titled: Lovers: a book of poems.

Short Story and More

Photo Courtesy of Author (Horseshoe Bend, Arizona)

3 years ago, I went through a season of life I’d rather never re-live again. Betrayal, loss, heartache, dreams shattered, unknown future. I even had a couple of teeth explode (not kidding).

Black Lives Matter

A question I’ve wrestled with for 10+ years becomes all too relevant

Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

Is it OK for White People to Post Photos with African Children to Support Black Lives Matter?

My short answer is, no. No, it is not ok.

It misses the mark entirely.

At the same time, I see others slinging stones at those who do and I don’t think that is the appropriate response either.

My hope is for this article to be a resource for you, a place of learning, just as I am learning each day as well.

I served ten years with an international non-profit focused on orphans and children-at-risk in Zimbabwe. My first trip to Zimbabwe…

Rachel’s story of 104 years of faith, movement, & never giving up

Rachel, a few days from turning 104, went to the doctor’s office for a cortisone shot. She asked where a couple of specific doctors were, and her daughter-in-law let her know that they had already died. Rachel responded, “What! All the doctors have died and I’m still here?!!”

That’s the Rachel I know, or for me, Grandma.

Rachel was born on Nov 29th, 1915, in Hope, Indiana.

She lived through the Great Depression, losing her life savings she had put away in the bank to attend college.

She was a female reporter in an era where few women worked. She…

Writing Prompt

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What are 3 of Your Favorite Daily Habits?

If you know me, you know that my life is about rhythms and habits. Funny thing about that though is my world tends to get flipped upside down about every 6 months and my work schedule is different every single day. Therefore, habits and consistency are not only hard to come by… they are essential for my personal grounding.

1 — Coffee

Oh coffee, so many of us love coffee. Are addicted to coffee. Can’t live without our coffee.

When I was a kid, I swore off coffee for life. I think I half-held that promise. All I knew of coffee was Folger’s…

Writing Prompt #4

HOME, Rockville, Indiana

Who are 3 People from Your Childhood Who Shape How You Live Now?

*Jeremiah Smith

It’s hard to come by a good Youth Pastor… even harder to come by one who stands the test of time.

Jeremiah was my Youth Pastor when I was in High School. He arrived to a small group of kids who welcomed him with open arms. We had been through a handful of youth pastors and interns but Jeremiah and his wife Erin, they were different. They were present. They were part of our lives. They were at our school events.

I can’t say I remember a lot about what Jeremiah spoke about or taught about… but I remember going…

John Ross

Writing stories, working in the NBA, & learning each day how to better love my neighbor @thejorolife Lovers: a book of poems available❤️ https://amzn.to/2Q6s9cy

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