Inspiration short

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In the Book of Hebrews, the author writes how Abraham, against all hope… hoped

I always loved that

When I’m out of hope, responding by… hoping for hope

But what happens when you lose the will to even hope for hope?

When you face loss after loss after loss




Nov 25


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I’ve always been a thankful guy

I mean there’s always something to be thankful for

Family, friends, the breath in our lungs… ya know, the basics

But I’ve also always been an honest guy

And there’s a lot to not be thankful for

From the personal grief and losses to…



Inspiration short

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I like things.

Things have value.

Some of my favorite things are books and cold brew and coffee shops… and on a lucky day, the combination of all of them.

But there’s a limit to things.

A limit in a sense of what things can do for you.

Because when…



Inspiration short

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It’s a rainy day.
In Oregon.
Which means.
The next 100 days might be rainy too.
I miss the sunshine.
Maybe I’ll go South.
Maybe I’ll ball up in a coffee shop.
Or maybe I’ll sit by my fireplace.
Maybe I’ll cry.
Because I miss the sunshine?
Because I miss my life?
The expectations of life.
Or just because.
I haven’t. For a…



Oct 20

Inspiration short

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Although we long for stability

We grab on to certainty

We build our foundation…

It’s the uncertainty,

It’s the ambiguity,

It’s the unknown…

That leads us to the possible.

“Uncertainty really is the portal to possibility” — Susannah Harmon