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Common question: “What would you do if… you could not fail?”

Seth Godin challenges that question … “What would you do if… you knew you would fail?” “What would be worth doing even though it’s not going to work?”

The latter question digs deeper within us. If we could not…



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Do you find it difficult when you’re not making progress?

When you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

When the path seems to lead to… nowhere?

When you have to start over again… and again…and again?

The never-ending back and forth of growth.

Of progress.

Of pushing forward.



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They asked Michelangelo, “How did you build this beauty out of this slab of marble (in references to the David)?” He replied, “The beauty was inside of it, I just had to cut all the crap out of it.”

There’s beauty everywhere.

Inside and out.

But sometimes we allow our…