photo provided courtesy of Sarah Finnerty

At the age of 12, the school Sarah was attending was going to be having ‘outdoor’ school for the week. It was 2 hours away from her home in Portland, Oregon. Sarah cried, “I can’t go!” She succumbed to irrational fears that she couldn’t control. …

Photo Courtesy of Author (Sedona, AZ)

I sat alone, outside a coffee shop, stack of books and cold brew at my side and contemplated my last year.

It was a typical setting in an atypical year.

I turned 38 near the beginning of the pandemic last year. …

Photo courtesy of Author

It was the night before I was heading home to Indiana for Christmas.

I’m a last-minute packer… and shopper so I was scrambling to get everything done.

I was rummaging through my closet and hanging up in it as always was my brother-in-law Will’s t-shirt.

I see it there every…

John Ross

Writing stories, working in the NBA, & learning each day how to better love my neighbor @joro_w_ Lovers: a book of poems

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